I'm so glad you're here.  You're vibrant and beautiful and I believe your jewelry should reflect that. Color is the essence of self-expression, which is why color's so important in the jewelry I create. 

Each handcrafted piece of Enfuse Jewelry celebrates the expression of your spirit. Because your style outwardly reflects your inner beauty and personality, I feel you should have something unique and lasting. Here you'll find jewelry that is beautiful, timeless, and colorful to help your inner vibrancy shine.


Lynsey Morgan, founder and designer of Enfuse Jewelry

Lynsey Morgan, founder and designer of Enfuse Jewelry

The Designer

My background as an art therapist and artist embraces both expression and aesthetic.  

After years of painting, I began exploring metalwork and jewelry. I was instantly attracted to enamel, which allows the addition of color to metal that would otherwise be traditional metal tones. 

I have both formal metalsmith training self-taught practices. I love discovering my own techniques and the daily rhythm of: saw, tap, drill, dapple, file, pierce, hammer, fire. 

My Instagram account gives you a glimpse of daily life.