Live in Color & Explore New Experiences

I believe in living life colorfully and I hope you do too! I love encouraging others to express with vibrancy. As an artist, my primary work centers around color. Nature, travel, and experiences fill my well of inspiration. What makes your soul leap? Is it adventure? Sand and surf? Sunsets? Maybe it's sharing the company of loved ones? All of these make me feel alive. I've collected some of photos from my adventures at home and on vacation to share. These images give you a glimpse into how I see the world: full of possibilities and beauty, large and small. Many of these experiences were taken alongside my husband, who I'm thankful to share adventures with. 

Coming from a background as an artist, I feel pictures sometimes tell a story in a more personal way. Which place/picture do you connect with most here? A sunset over the mountain range? A glass of wine and conversation? Or is it the Sea! I like to share a photo a day with you so you can get a sneak peek into what inspires my work. 

I have two favorite places on earth... where the water is turquoise blue and where the mountains touch the sky. I long to travel more. Traveling and experiencing life always transforms my artwork. The latest series I created was inspired from my trip to St. Croix. This vacation came just in time for me over a year ago, when I needed a restorative break. That getaway full of sun and surf informed my later decision to pursue art full-time. The waves on the beach gave me the perspective to follow my dream and begin sharing my work. What if that vacation didn't happen? I'd certainly not be the person I am today. In tandem with some life-lessons from my late mother-in-law, that trip reminded me not to wait for things to happen. We're each in charge of choosing things that give value, meaning, and joy in our lives. I'm hoping to be chosen as the Ultimate Funjetter - and have travel fill my creative sails again. And I want to share that journey with you to encourage your own adventure!