Heating Up Your Summer Style

This summer's staple pieces are: 1. Maxi dresses. 2. Long necklaces.

When paired together these two pieces create an elegant, effortless, and elongated look. So flattering. This colorful maxi dress pairs perfectly with the long petal necklace. The organic colors and shapes complement each other perfectly. (You'll be receiving compliments too, no doubt.) 

Easy summer style with long Enfuse Jewelry petal necklace

Easy summer style with long Enfuse Jewelry petal necklace

Your summer beach essentials.

There's a way to cause a splash without getting into the waves. If you're planing a beach day, wear an easy summer dress, long necklace, and don't forget those protective accessories (SPF and sunnies). A long necklace gives you the illusion of length and ties together a whole outfit in no time. This collection features the long Fleur de la Mere necklace from Enfuse, which is inspired by the seaside. 

Easy summer style with a little accessorizing 

If you've been keeping up with Enfuse for a while, you know I'm the biggest advocate of a little accessorizing to easily amp up the style of your wardrobe. Why? Because in the time it takes you to put a necklace and sunglasses on (3 seconds), you'll look instantly look and feel more put-together. That goes for having fun outdoors this summer! 

Hope you have a sunny season!