How to Go With the Flow - Sexy and Relaxed.

Are you dreaming of warm weather and all the fun clothes you'll finally be able to wear after this torturous winter? I've already decided I want to live in maxi skirts this spring and summer. Here's how I'm planning to style those flattering, flowing, skirts: 

If you're wearing a patterned maxi like this one, I recommend pairing it with a solid color top and some great jewelry to spice it up. I hinted at the chevron pattern by accessorizing with the little yellow Chevron Necklace, which visually brings the outfit together.

Don't over do it on too many patterns or layers at once. My trick is to only have one pattern piece and keep the rest simple. This lets each piece sing and keeps the overall appearance beautiful, not distracting. 

What's going to be your summer go-to this year? 


What's the Jewelry Trend for 2014?

Stud earrings! But if we're being honest, are they ever not in style?

Stud Earrings are more than a trend, they're timeless. 

Stud Earrings are more than a trend, they're timeless. 

I'm admittedly biased toward stud earrings, as are many of my customers who have been enjoying their stud earrings long before it was named "trendy." I prefer to call describe stud earrings as classic. In my opinion, a beautiful and simple pair of post earrings never goes out of style. And that's what my customers love. When they invest in a gorgeous pair of handcrafted earrings, they're getting something timeless to enjoy. 

Which color studs do you have as your go-to? Do you think studs are a trend or a classic staple?