Inspiration of the Week : Color, Mountains, and Perspective

Much of my inspiration comes from the constantly changing display of colors in Colorado. On my drive home, I had to pull over to admire the view. The mountain sunset sky was perfectly doubled in its roadside lake reflection. Soft blue transitions to peach and into the darker outline of mountains and land. 

Sometimes a little perspective change enhances everything. 

Sometimes a little perspective change enhances everything. 

I had to snap a few photographs for the landscape before continuing the journey home. Do you ever have to stop and give time for truly taking things in? I love a good slow moment. Here it was an amplified world of pastel. Definitely has me inspired to create my own reflections of that beauty in the upcoming jewelry I create.  

Nomad Necklace

I love a classic long necklace. This long turquoise enamel necklace is perfect to wear by itself, layered with other pieces, or even with a scarf. The latter is good for me because from mid-September till May, and on cool summer nights, chances are I'm sporting a scarf. This Nomad Necklace lets you enjoy both!    

The Nomad Necklace comes with a Southwestern influence, while maintaining modern simplicity and polish. Perfect for the modern bohemian woman. When designing the smaller details, I was inspired by images of journeying, adornment, pilgrimage, nomadic ancestors, footprints, and evidence of time passing...  

Turquoise Nomad Necklace.jpg

What do you see in this piece? Does it remind you of anything?  

Hope you're having a lovely September and beginning to fall!