Color My Mornings: Soulful Self-care

There's something about the energy of a new day that feels fresh and full of possibilities. I do believe things are better in the morning. Today I ran out (in my pajamas, mind you) when I noticed the world was illuminated with rose light. I was so thankful to see the mountains waking up. The warm sunlight rolled out and reached the highest peaks before stretching the entire mountain range. Usually people face East to catch the sunrise... today, I found beauty in looking West, seeing the way the sun greeted the landscape.

Sunrise meeting the tallest peaks first. 

Sunrise meeting the tallest peaks first. 

This sight was a reset for my soul. Total gratitude and peace in that moment. I always do my best creative work when I slow down and get grounded in awe and nature. Look at those colors! Who wouldn't feel inspired? 

How do you recenter yourself? Are you a nature-needer? Treat yourself to a massage? Manicure? Yoga? I hope whatever it is, you're making space to take care of you. 

Be well,