Living in Colorado has its Perks (and peaks)

Yesterday my husband and I took his father to Pike's Peak. Despite having lived in Colorado for a couple years, this was our first time to this iconic mountain as well. It just so happened to be frosted with the first snow of the season. Although we had planned to summit Pike's Peak at over 14,000 ft above sea level, the snow made access beyond 11,400 ft impossible. We didn't mind settling for the breath-taking views though!   

I find situations like that so frequently in my life. I have a plan; a way I want things to go... and something beyond my control changes it. It's a time to welcome in flexibility and possibility. We could have seen yesterday's mission differently, and people did! I saw people drive away from the beginning of the road at Pike's Peak simply because they couldn't reach the top. For me, I looked beyond the "top" to see what was still offered. And my God, what a beautiful offering: turning aspen leaves dancing in the wind, the greenest of pines, and a mountain so stoic, freshly dusted in white. 

pikes peak.jpg
pike peak1.jpg
Appreciating even the smallest of things.

Appreciating even the smallest of things.

That exact display of nature will not exist again. In fact, by time we were driving back down the mountain, those contrasts were beginning to melt. Yesterday's lesson was about being open to a different experience than we had planned for. The outcome was rejuvenating. Often we do not know what's in our best interest, but the universe will provide if we listen. There are always hidden lessons on our paths. 

How are you making the most of an unplanned change? Are you choosing to find some joy? Making the most of changes beyond your control?