What's the Jewelry Trend for 2014?

Stud earrings! But if we're being honest, are they ever not in style?

Stud Earrings are more than a trend, they're timeless. 

Stud Earrings are more than a trend, they're timeless. 

I'm admittedly biased toward stud earrings, as are many of my customers who have been enjoying their stud earrings long before it was named "trendy." I prefer to call describe stud earrings as classic. In my opinion, a beautiful and simple pair of post earrings never goes out of style. And that's what my customers love. When they invest in a gorgeous pair of handcrafted earrings, they're getting something timeless to enjoy. 

Which color studs do you have as your go-to? Do you think studs are a trend or a classic staple?

Welcome to the Jewelry Gallery

You're invited to discover the Enfuse Jewelry's Gallery Collection debut line: Fleur de la Mer (Flowers of the Sea). This collection has been years in the making. 

Although these pieces appear to be shells, they're really 100% handcrafted with inspiration from the sea. The Fleur de la Mer jewelry echoes forms, colors, and textures of the ocean and offers a way for you to feel connected to natural beauty and inspiration each time you wear them. 

Yes, years in the making. These mark higher-level artisan focus in both concept and creation. Love a good metaphor? You can think of Enfuse's Gallery Collection as "original paintings" and the Boutique Collection as "art prints." While both collections give you a piece of the artist, the originals are exclusive designs and a limited number will be created. The Fleur de la Mer collection will only be available for a limited time, so if you see something that ignites your desire, be sure to make it yours while you can. 

I'm extending an exclusive coupon to collectors on my list. Want in? Join us by signing up here.

I hope you discover something that highlights your natural beauty and spirit in this new collection. Enter the Gallery

Stay inspired,  Lynsey