Delicate Details in Nature: A Quiet Lesson of Inspiration & Gratitude

Allowing yourself to see and appreciate the small beauties and details can make a great difference in your daily outlook. Today, witnessing the patterns of frost helped me pause in awe and gratitude. What wonder. 

frost feather patterns 

frost feather patterns 

Even though, like many of you, I feel ready for spring, it was nice to not wish away this gift of time. It felt fulfilling to allow a simple pattern in nature to fill my reservoir with inspiration. Nature reflects the ultimate creator's work and it reminds me of the limitless possibilities of shapes, colors, patterns, and textures that we can bring to existence in our own artistic creations. 

Today as I enter the studio, I come with a sense of purpose and readiness to explore new design possibilities. I'm not here to wish away time (I wish it were spring. I wish it were the weekend. Etc.), I'm alive and choosing to live this day. 

Let your imagination and inspiration be filled today and overtime. Whether it's the pattern of frost (as it was for me today), the colors of new fashion lines, a song, movement, smell, or  architecture... we're always surrounded by the potential for a change in feeling and perspective. Be mindful and discover something new in the ordinary today.

I'm curious, what thing inspired you most today? Or where did you feel gratitude? Hope your day is filled with the joy of being alive.