How is Enfuse Jewelry created?

Welcome to the jewelry studio! Here's a sneak peek at the beginning of a necklace, which starts with a sawed copper base. With fusing glass to metal, there are many steps between the beginning and completion of each piece of Enfuse Jewelry

Sawing copper shapes to make Enfuse jewelry 

Sawing copper shapes to make Enfuse jewelry 

After sawing the copper, it's time to drill, file, and prepare it for applying and firing the enamel. Don't tell sawing... but enameling is my favorite part of the process since it introduces color to the jewelry. All jewelry is individually handcrafted in my Colorado studio so the beginning of your jewelry looks like the above image and you're sure to get something unique and beautiful every time. 

Farewell Winter Wardrobe

Enfuse's enamel jewelry is an easy way to bring a splash of color to compliment almost any outfit. With all the variations of nude, blush, white, and camel, adding a hint of blue adds a sophisticated visual interest. The Color Curve necklace's simple shape and color make it easy to layer (pictured here with the small fan necklace in buff) or wear alone. 

Colorado's front range forecast is sunny and in the 50's, which has me delighting for spring. This outfit styles light pastels and neutrals to ease away from winter and into spring, in an effortlessly feminine way.  

I hope wherever you are that you're beginning to feel the breath of spring melting winter away.  

Inspire Your Own Creative Buzz Today

There's something about being around certain objects, words, colors, and textures that peak my creativity. Do certain things do that for you too? Here are some things inspiring me today: 

Black and yellow are definite buzz colors for me today (and so says the bees). Yellow speaks of energy, excitement, and optimism. Black balances this with a grounded seriousness and sophistication. I hope whatever you're working on today, that you're surrounding yourself with positive and uplifting thoughts, objects, words, and community. 

Now let your creativity fly! 

Remote Working Monday

If you're someone who works from home, you know how important the occasional remote working spot can be. A little buzz in the atmosphere, both the people and fresh brewed beverages. It's good to get out, support your local business, and get a great cappuccino while you're at it. Here's my outfit of the day pick if you're looking to stay comfortable while working at your "satellite office."  

OOTD coffee shop.jpg

I dressed up this overall relaxed look with the Nomad Necklace and nude kitten heels. They're the perfect accessories to feel more professional while still maintaining your casual vibe. What other pieces would you pair with this? Now get out of those yoga pants and head into "the office" and knock that Monday to-do list out!   

Emily (of Clementine) Shares Her go-to Beauty-Regimen; Enfused with Color

Emily is the owner of Clementine, a shop "nestled into the heart of Middlebury, Vermont." She recently shared her 2-minute beauty-regimen on her blog.  I was so thrilled that these color dot earrings ( the turquoise post earrings) made the list, adding a lovely touch of color. 

Simple, natural beauty with a little colorful adornment from Enfuse Jewelry

Simple, natural beauty with a little colorful adornment from Enfuse Jewelry

What's your go-to beauty routine if you're short on time? Do you have a piece of jewelry that instantly makes you feel special and put-together? 

For details on Emily's easy beauty routine, you can check it out here