Live Color. Recap from Spring Horseshoe Market

I love getting to meet Enfuse Jewelry's customers in person. There's nothing like connecting with you and finding that perfect style and color of jewelry that makes you shine! 

Just beginning the day at the Spring Horseshoe Market in Denver

Just beginning the day at the Spring Horseshoe Market in Denver

This past weekend in Denver was the kickoff to art fair season with the Spring Horseshoe Market. I met lots of great people from around Colorado and those in town vacationing. It was extra exciting because this was Enfuse Jewelry's first show on our home turf. Luckily the art fair was on Saturday. I only say that because, in true Colorado fashion, Sunday was filled with steady snowfall and accumulation. Yes, mid-May snow. I'm hoping this was Winter's last hurrah. 

Most of my customers stay in touch with Enfuse Jewelry online, since they can access those colorful designs from anywhere in the world 24/7. And how amazing is that? I hope I get to meet more of Enfuse Jewelry's customers throughout my life.


A special THANK YOU to those who were able to make it out to the Enfuse Jewelry booth this week. And no matter where you are, I hope you had a beautiful weekend!


Bright Spring Style Beginning the Week

Do you work from home? (Stay-at-home mom counts as working from home, in my opinion!) Some friends think that because I work from home, surely I live in  pajamas. Not the case! In fact, I'd never get a thing done if I wore lounging gear all day. I treat working for myself seriously, and although I don't have to meet with clients in person, waking up and getting dressed nicely sets a tone for the day. Even if it's casual, it's important to feel great in what you wear. I love dressing up classics and neutrals with pops of colorful accessories. 

bright and casual

bright and casual

Plus, as a jewelry designer and maker, how am I going to make awesome jewelry in my pjs? I want my customers to feel expressive and inspired in their style. No yawns here. 

So what about you? What are your tips for feeling great when perhaps no one else will see/appreciate your style other than you today? Whether it's yoga pants or jeans, rock it! And I hope you have a super beginning to your week ! xo