Denver Spring Horseshoe Market: Colorado Craft Fair

Are you near Denver this weekend? Then you're in luck! On Saturday, May 10th, you and your friends/family are invited to attend a fun outdoor craft fair. Enjoy work from over 100 local artisans, while also treating yourself to some tasty food and live music!  I'll be showcasing some great handcrafted, colorful jewelry in booth #2.

I hope you're celebrating Mother's Day this weekend. I know taking mom to enjoy the craft fair would be a nice way to spend time together, especially since Saturday's weather (sunny, 70°) will totally trump Sunday's (snow/rain, 39°). And even if you don't take mom, it's a nice place to find a heartfelt last-minute gift! 

Enfuse Jewelry in booth #2

Enfuse Jewelry in booth #2

I'm looking forward to hopefully meeting you and other locals! It'll be Enfuse Jewelry's first craft fair here in our home state. Come stop by and say "hi" :)




Sweet little Chevron Necklace ready for you! 

Sweet little Chevron Necklace ready for you! 

How to Brighten Your Wedding Day

Are you looking to brighten up your wedding day? The Spring 2014 edition of Rocky Mountain Bride Magazine contains tips on how to add color to your wedding day. I'm tickled that a couple pieces of Enfuse Jewelry made the page. Color and expression is what it's all about here, and each piece is lovingly handcrafted in my Colorado studio overlooking the Rocky Mountains.

In the latest edition of Rocky Mountain Bride, the enamel Nomad Necklace in yellow makes a bright, cheerful statement, while the robin egg blue Stud Earrings offer that classic "something blue." A simple and easy way to add a splash of personality and color.  

Whatever your wedding colors, I hope they let the spirit of your relationship shine through! 

Inspire Your Own Creative Buzz Today

There's something about being around certain objects, words, colors, and textures that peak my creativity. Do certain things do that for you too? Here are some things inspiring me today: 

Black and yellow are definite buzz colors for me today (and so says the bees). Yellow speaks of energy, excitement, and optimism. Black balances this with a grounded seriousness and sophistication. I hope whatever you're working on today, that you're surrounding yourself with positive and uplifting thoughts, objects, words, and community. 

Now let your creativity fly! 

Sweet and Simple Studs

You've been looking for something that will make you feel beautiful and stylish every day. These are my favorite go-to piece of jewelry: these post earrings are simple enough to wear every day and unique enough to make you feel expressive and put-together. 

Most customers like to pick a few colors of earrings, having a variety to match how they want to feel. I've been gravitating towards the yellow, perhaps the steady falling of sun has me wishing for a little more sunshine. 

Which color(s) are you feeling now? 

Inspiration for Spring Fashion.

Love this feature in an Etsy treasury called "Stand in Line!" (Although, since Etsy's on online shopping platform, you don't actually have to wait in line.) Enfuse Jewelry's large white curve necklace is fittingly nestled among these great designs and images. 

This curation is full of images that inspire and remind me that spring isn't too far off. The blue is peeking through white and there's a little breeze carrying the wings of bees and butterflies. 

Is the snow melting where you live? The sunshine is in full-effect here in Colorado. That means my studio is in working order and new jewelry will be appearing soon. 

What are you looking forward to this spring?